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2024 03 05 // Just back from the last ski trip of the season. Sälen, Hundfjället. 

2024 03 09 // Opening! Happy to be part of a group exhibition at The Photogallery in Halmstad, Sweden. Photo Mecca 2024. I´m showing the "Visitors" project. Excited to finally show this project. I´m very pleased how it turned out. The exhibition is open until 19th of May so plenty of time to drop by. Send me an email for info and pricing.  

2023 07 22 // Visitors. They have been here for quite some time now... I want to know more!

2023 08 15 // Kulan! How much fun was that? We made it! All the way through Europe. And after a short break at home up in Norway. 

2023 07 22 // New project! I call it Sweden. Check it out here! Email me if interested.

2023 07 15 // Say hello to Kulan! Our newest family member. I mean, what can go wrong with this beauty?! The plan is to drive to France and back this summer. And up Norway. Stay tuned for more info.  

2023 05 01 // Great to see "Off-Season" on display in one of the nicest stores there is. Dusty Deco in Mallorca. You have to pay a visit if in the neighbourhood. 

Lydmar Hotel, Stockholm, 23 04 27

Lydmar Hotel, Stockholm, 23 04 27

2023 04 27 // Happy to be part of the group exhibition "Riviera" at Lydmarhotel in Stockholm. Thanks The Photogallery for a great opening and for asking me. Please contact The Photogallery regarding info and prices.

2022 07 18 // Bought this beauty the other day. I've been wanting to go old school again for a couple of months and finally it happened. The Nikon FE2. And some rolls of film, Kodak Portra 400 and TriX 400. The result is amazing. Look at the grain! 

2022 07 25 // I'm out of words. La Muralla Roja (Calpe, Spain), blew me away. Amazing! Bofill thought of every detail and managed to create something very unique. Everytime you open the door you get a visual treat. They have gone all the way. Hats off! 

2022 07 22 // Vacaciones. Exploring beach life in Calpe. Los Baños de la Reina.

2021 10 27 // Thanks everybody! 

2021 10 16 // Welcome! "Dancefloor" opens on Wednesday 27th October at Nordiska Galleriet, Nybrogatan 11, Stockholm. 

2021 10 13 // Finishing touches. 

2021 05 21 // Super excited to be a part of the Chairish Photography Collective. The site is a leading platform for design and art in the US.  

2021 03 01 // Got some attention on this image from Branäs. Featured at The Print swap and Featureshoot. Check them out!

21 02 28 // Happy to announce that I will show the "Dance floor" series in Stockholm. Late October 2021. Stay tuned for mor info. 

21 02 16 // Sälen. What a surprise. Was there once when I was a kid but have no memories. Perfect for the "Dance floor" project that I am working on.

2021 02 02 // Deliveries! Ooppss... Just sold two "Pure Joys" in size 79x106 cm. Edition 3 + 1 AP. Just one left guys! Also do it in the bigger size 116 x 156 cm, 3 + 1 AP. 

2021 01 28 // Visited Studio Rei who is showing some of my work. Pay them a visit for a private show. Send me an E-mail and I'll help you out. 

2021 01 15 // Deliveries! The Art Express (me) delivered a piece from the "A faded memory" series to a private collector in Stockholm. This actual piece is called "A faded memory". Edition: 3 + 1 AP, 156 x 106 cm, Hahnemüle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 305g. DM for info and prices.

21 01 06// Branäs delivered. Before leaving I was a bit worried that the weather should be too bad to shoot. Or that this small skiing resort should be too small. The mountain is just 540 m above sea level but I was in for a surprise. 

21 01 02 // All you need for a day on the mountain. Faction skis, Hasselblad X1D and the Nikon D800.  

20 11 15 // Deliveries! "Houston we just landed" sold to a private collector in Gothenburg. Edition 2 + 1AP // 140 x 104,5 cm, Hahnemüle Photo Rag 308g. DM for info and prices. 

2020 10 14 // Bukowskis! A milestone!, someone on a fancy gallery said. I have to agree. Followed the auction, a hammer auction sent live, from the train. Super exciting! But also a bit pissed off someone sold my picture:)  The image in question is "La memere" from the Promenade series. I get questions several times a month regarding this particular image and it is easily one of the most popular I have done. It doubled it's value. 

2020 09 19 // The "A faded memory" show is finally open! Please swing by Södra Larmgatan 2 in Gothenburg to have a look at some completely new pieces. So much fun to show this project.  And a big thanks to Wallenstam AB for a great collaboration:)

2020 07 18 // The best thing. The awesome Stugbåt in Bengtsfors, Dalsland. Definitely doing this again. 

2020 07 20 // Currently out discovering Sweden. 

2020 05 15 // What a weird and great exhibition this was. Weird because of the Corona situation and really good due to the super nice Nääs fabriker. Two days before the opening I came back from Tirol in Austria... The opening never happened and now I have been confirmed of having antidotes. DM me if interested in framed prints. 

2020 03 09 // Just came back from St Anton in Tirol... Not the best timing to be there to say the least. The opening of the show is postponed until further notice and I am in quarantine. 

2020 03 02 // Happy to announce that I have a new show coming up at the great Nääs Fabriker just outside Gothenburg. Opening 14th March, at 13 - 16. I call the show ”Bits and Pieces” and it’s a selection of pieces from over the years and some new prints. Exciting! Welcome!!

2020 02 16 // Skiing again. This time in Gaustablikk, Norway. Going for a walk to the top.  

2020 01 06 // Second time in Hemsedal for the season. Just celebrated New Years in Skåne and then headed back to Norway. Awesome. Can't wait to show the work I've done here. 

2019 12 28 // First ski trip for the season is coming to an end. We started out with a few days and christmas in Hemsedal where we stayed at the newly built Fyri Resort. Great hotel and I recommend staying. Then we headed over to Geilo. I am working on a new series in these environments and will hopefully be ready during spring 2020. Stay tuned!!

2019 12 09 // Iceland. What an experience! Beautiful, harsh, cold, photographic paradise and so much more. I will definitely make a gallery here with the work I did.  Also this was a good continuation of the Invasion series because of all the people and trolls everywhere. 

2019 12 01 // Me moving in to new offices. Nice! Ceck it out here, Workplace Gyllenswärd & Cramer.

2019 11 26 // Maybe some Miami prints could light up the dark (here in Sweden someone turns the light off at 3 pm)? Size 50x40 cm, edition 25 + 2 AP, printed on Hahnemüle Photo Rag 308g. Price: 2900 SEK + freight. Please send me an email if interested!

2019 11 17 // It has been some great weeks here The PhotoGallery in Halmstad. Greatful for being of the Landscape exhibition with other great photographers. Now off to new adventures!

2019 09 15 // You should go to the beautiful The PhotoGallery in Halmstad and have a look at the exhibition "Landscapes". Its a group show with five different artists with completely different styles. Im showing the "Invasion" series. The show closes on November 17th.

2019 09 10 // Just spent some time in LA to meet and work with my new rep over there. Very exiting! More info coming soon. The pic is from Malibu.

2019 07 15 // Holiday! Bordighera, Italy. Doing some exploration. 

2019 07 10 // Deliveries! ”Houston, we have just landed”, from the "Miami" series. White stained frame and reflection free glass. All work made by the awesome Sandeng.  All prints are delivered with a certificate of authenticity and are signed on verso (on the back). Edition: 5 + 1 AP, size: 105 x 83 cm (Also available in Edition: 2 + 1 AP, size: 140 x 93 cm)

2019 07 01 // Lappland. Vuollerim. Finally. For so many years I've been wanting to explore the very north of my country. In June I got the chance. Together with copy Johan Brink and client Landshypotek Bank I set off on a real adventure. Thank you for an amazing week Lapland Vuollerim and Camp Svanis! See you soon. 

2019 05 30 // Thank you Jonatan Fernström for the nice profile pic! Great work as always. 

2019 05 27 // Deliveries! ”Support” and ”Going somewhere”, from the "Invasion" series, in the smaller format (106x79 cm) ready for delivery. Framed with oiled walnut and reflection free glass. All work work made by the awesome Sandeng. The detail! Super! All prints are delivered with a certificate of authenticity and are signed on verso (on the back). Edition: 2 + 1 AP 

2019 04 07 // The opening yesterday went so well. The most amazing event and experience .Thank you everybody who turned up! So happy and exhausted today. Awesome. 

The show is on display until 4th of May so please visit Mouche Collective if in Gothenburg. It´s open on Saturdays 11 - 15. If you'd like to see the series outside the opening hours, please call +46 31-318 68 48 or send an email. You could also contact Joakim. Welcome! 

2019 03 22 // Ready to invade? The show opens 6th April, 14.00, at Mouche Collective in Gothenburg, Sweden. After a loooong wait I am happy to let you know I have a go. This is the biggest project I have done so far and can't wait to show it and hear what you think. Welcome!!!!  

2018 12 20 // New Miami prints in the making. Edition of 25. Send me an email if interested. 

2018 12 13 // Happy to announce that I'm part of "The Print Swap Holiday Exhibition" in New York. Opens 13 December at the Root gallery, Brooklyn. Image from New York by Keith Sirchio. I showed "The last one", an image I shot in September 2018 near Marstrand, Sweden, during a crayfish party.

2018 12 10 // I made three Art Posters (Ed 25+2 Ap, size: 16 x 20 in, approx 51 x 41 cm) for the exhibition at OFY Shop. If you're interested please send me an E-mail  or if you happen to be in Miami, visit the the shop in Wynwood. 

2018 12 08 // Back again in Miami and so happy to announce that I have an ongoing exhibition in Wynwood. The opening was last Saturday, 18 12 08, during the Art Basel. Thank you Ofir (, the band, the best frame makers at "Ive been framed", Sandeng and everyone else involved. Let's do this again next year! 

2018 11 22 //  It´s hard to find words to describe this past week in Ethiopia. What a mind blowing experience. The people, the nature, the meetings, running, the kids, etc. Absolutely stunning. I will try to get a gallery up soon where I will try to show my journey.

2018 09 22 // Clara Henry chilling underneath my "The view". Thank´s Ninni for the tip and image from swedish newspaper DN.

2018 07 02 // Just came back from Miami. What a paradise for shooting. Can't wait to show all of my work I did over there.

2018 03 03 // So happy to announce that I am showing my Off-season series and other selected works at the awesome Studio Rei in Stockholm. Welcome on Saturday 10th March at 15.00, Norrkroken 5, Lidingö. Don't miss this opportunity to check out this great gallery and home. And, off-course, my prints. 

2018 03 01 // Some hard work these last months is coming to an end. So close to framing and the final prints are massive and looks awesome! The show was supposed to open on 17th March but we had to reschedule. I´ll get back with a new date shortly. 

2018 01 29 // Happy to have my work in the "Anders knackar på" series on swedish channel 4. A series where they do make-overs in celebrities homes. My work is featured in the first, Per Moberg, and fifth program. Thank you Lind och Lind for the opportunity. The work showed in the first show was "Two foxes and bird" from the "Back to nature" series. 

2018 01 20 // Better late than never... Pics from my exhibition at By Mouche in October. Thank you everyone at Moche for having me. I would also like to thank the people at Sandeng for awesome framing and Katja Ragnstam for these images.

2017 07 30 // Great pics from Nya Rum magazine. 

2017 06 02 // It´s always nice to see your own work where it should be. In peoples homes.  Featured here is "La tour" from the "Promenade" series and "Mr. Fox" from the "Back to Nature" project. Please check out the awesome who are the guys printing and framing. 

2017 06 02 // "Structure No.3" from an ongoing project. Framed with a handmade walnut frame. The image is 140cm and with frame 160 cm. "With these legs nothing can go wrong" is from the "Off-season" series. Framed with a grey woodenframe from Moma. These are also printed and framed at

2017 03 30 // Lot´s of travelling this year. Just three weeks after Thailand I arrived in Lech, Austria. Great weather, great week. Brought my new camera, the Hasselblad X1D. 

2017 02 22 // After 6 magic weeks in Thailand and Singapore I´m finally back in Sweden. So much work to look at but I will try to get a new gallery up soon. 

2016 12 21 // Currently on show at the Gothia Towers is the "Back to Nature" project. Thanks to the awesome Sandeng, who prints all of my stuff, I am able to show my work here. The show closes at 8 january. Thank you Sandeng

2016 12 05 // After a great opening the show at Scandic Europa is now open until the end of february. I´m showing two projects, "Off-season" and "Take-Off". 

2016 10 26 // The show opens wednesday 30 of November at hotel Scandic Europa in Gothenburg, Sweden. Drinks and art, all you need. It´s a solo show and I´m showing the "Off-season" series and "Take-off"

“The colour Nice” 1 / 10 + 1 AP // 90 x 60 cm (110 x 81 with frame) // 16.000:- // Also available 1 / 5 + 1 AP // 120 x 80 cm (approx 143 x 103 with frame) // Hahnemule Photo rag 308g // 24.000:-

“The view” 1 / 5 + 1 AP // 120 x 80 cm (approx 143 x 103 with frame) // 24.000:- Also available 1 / 10 + 1 AP // 90 x 60 cm (110 x 81 with frame) // Hahnemüle Photo rag 308g // 16.000:-

“Evening dip” 1 / 10 + 1 AP // 90 x 60 cm (110 x 81 with frame) // 16.000:- Also available 1 / 5 + 1 AP // 120 x 80 cm (approx 143 x 103 with frame) // Hahnemule Photo rag 308g // 24.000:-

2016 10 26 // I´ve been digging through the archives and found some new images, could not resist printing them really big. Don´t hesitate to contact me for more information.

2016 09 29 // Ongoing exhibition at the great restaurant and bar Champagnerbaren

2016 09 29 // "Meeting" featured in the great magazine NyaRum

2016 08 30 // NCE - LDN. On my way to London. Excited to have a meeting with the Bricklane Gallery. 

2016 09 18 // Happy to have my picture on the cover of NyaRum. Again!! "Mr. Fox" this time from the Back to Nature series. 

2016 08 18 // DJ Pär and Marko at the Back to Back show. Perfect! Me and Marko hanging our works in pairs, his with black frames and mine with grey. A photographic battle. I showed the "Off-Season" series. Photo by: Johan Stephan

Big prints. 165 cm wide. Awesome. Photo by Johan Stephan

Photo by Johan Stephan

One DJ playing french soul and the other japanese. Photo by Johan Stephan

Hard to fail in the beautiful Auktionsverket Kulturarena. And with the great prints and frames made by Sandeng.

2016 08 16 // Me and Marko, Back to Back. We are hanging works for the show. Looks really good. 

2016 08 09 // Not long now. The show opens next Thursday 18 august, at 18.00, Auktionsverket Kulturarena. Welcome! 

2016 07 04 // Hanging with celebrities. Always nice. So happy and grateful have my work at the awesome The Photo Gallery in Halmstad. Don´t forget to visit this summer! 

2016 06 24 // If you´re in Gothenburg you should visit the awesome shop and my exhibition at Vallgatan 12. Closed friday 24 and saturday 25. Have a great midsummer! 

2016 06 03 // A new exhibition is coming up at Vallgatan 12 in Gothenburg. The show opens on thursday 9 june at 19.00. It is also the launch date for a new art club founded by Vallgatan. I´ll be back with more info. Welcome on thursday! 

2016 05 25 // Back at Sandeng to check out some new teststrips. It´s getting there! First up is an exhibition in June then one in August.

2016 05 06 // "Le bain" from the Promenade series on the cover of the awesome magazine NyaRum!  

2016 04 26 // Hey! Check it out.

2016 04 25 // We had a great opening on Saturday. Thank you everyone for coming by. The show is open until 21/5 at Dusty Deco. 

2016 04 08 // Finally. Invitations are ready. Show opens on 23/4 in Stockholm at Dusty Deco, Horntullsstrand 7.

2016 03 22 // Looking forward seeing these prints framed and ready. Looks good so far and exhibition opens at the end of April at Dusty Deco in Stockholm.

2016 02 20 // Super excited to show my work at the awesome shop Dusty Deco at Hornstulls Strand in Stockholm.

2016 02 05 // Featured in the magazine Nya Rum #2 2016.

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